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MORCOR was originally founded by Rod Morris in May of 1989 in Switzerland as a company specializing in International Procurement before relocating to Kittanning, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in September of 1990.

Today, MORCOR specializes in sealing systems and represents premier manufacturers of Engineered Sealing Systems.

Morcor provides products and services worldwide.


MORCOR's mission is straightforward; To survive, profit and grow, while at the same time provide the best possible products, service and support for our customers.


In May 2003 Morcor's Quality Management System was certified to the international standard ISO9001:2000 and updated May 2019 to ISO9001:2015 by SRI Quality System Registrars. view a copy of our current ISO registration certificate

Quality Policy

Everything we do must reinforce our commitment to providing excellent service to our customers, both those internal and external.

Quality Objectives

To provide excellent customer service through:

  • On-time and accurate deliveries by having
  • adequate inventory stock holdings
  • inventory accuracy and
  • up-to-date and accurate information systems.
  • Positive Communications with customers and co-workers.
  • Efficient Resolutions to customer queries or problems, and the same for our co-workers.
  • Continual quality and product applications training for employees.


Office and Warehouse facility in Kittanning, PA, USA

  • 30,000 square feet.
  • Located just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Outside of the Office and Warehouse facility in Kittanning

Bonded Warehouse in Zurich, Switzerland

Outside of the Bonded Warehouse in Zurich Inside of the Bonded Warehouse in Zurich

Customer Commitment & Service

We ship orders of stock material within 24 hours, and regularly ship orders, received before noon, the same day. Our personnel deal with seal application questions on a daily basis, and you will find our staff to be knowledgeable and helpful. Everything that we do is geared toward customer service.

Global Connections

Morcor logo

Morcor Limited

Morcor will be branding our own seal. We have qualified two International manufacturers who will provide us with the components to assemble a seal set. One producer will make the metal rings and another will make the O-rings/Bellville Washers. Morcor will provide a warranty as is typical in the industry (free from manufacturing defects, etc.) and to that end, we have acquired our own product liability insurance. Typically OEMs will test our seals for quality before purchasing them. We will not change producers of metal rings or energizers without notifying our OEM customers first and would expect to have to re-qualify our sealing systems. All of our producers are ISO certified and we are also ISO certified.

Dichta S.A. of Switzerland

Rotary Shaft Seals from Dichta S.A. round out Morcor's product line. Dichta S.A. is a Swiss seal manufacturer with a production facility in Italy.

Seals are manufactured according to ISO Standards. Dichta produces a full range of seals including V-rings and Wiper seals.

Dichta offers a variety of lip configurations and materials from Nitrile to Viton and a wide range of readily available sizes. Morcor and Dichta engineers specialize in new OEM applications.

Dichta is an ISO 9001 certified company.

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191 Butler Road
PO Box 580
Kittanning, PA 16201

Fax: 724-545-6995

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