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Heavy Duty Metal Face Seals

General Information

Heavy-Duty Metal Face Seals are sealing systems for heavy construction vehicles and agricultural equipment. The seals are found in the Final Drives, Sprockets and Track Rollers in tracked equipment and in Axles, Drive Trains and Wet Brakes in wheeled equipment. These Heavy-Duty Seals are also exclusively used in Tunnel Boring and Underground Mining Machinery.

Morcor will be branding our own seal. We have qualified two International manufacturers who will provide us with the components to assemble a seal set. One producer will make the metal rings and another will make the O-rings/Bellville Washers. All products supplied by Morcor will be warranted free from manufacturing defects. Morcor will replace the part or refund the cost of the part at our discretion. Typically OEMs will test our seals for quality before purchasing them. We will not change producers of metal rings or energizers without notifying our OEM customers first and would expect to have to re-qualify our sealing systems. All of our producers are ISO certified and we are also ISO certified.

Sometimes referred to as Toric Seals, this sealing system is recognized as the preferred method for protecting bearings, gears and their lubricants from abrasive media and severe environments. The construction of the seal is conducive to simple and cost-effective designs. The face seal consists of two metallic seal rings which have the same geometric contour and are flexibly located in O-rings.The function of these O-rings, which act as springs, is to maintain axial sealing pressure, provide a static seal between the seal ring and housing bore, and transmit frictional torque. The seal is designed so that one of the two seal rings rotates while the other is stationary. It is superior to all other forms of radial or axial sealing owing to its small space requirement, simple construction and wear resistance.

Typical Applications

  • Final drive systems
  • Track rollers
  • Gearboxes
  • Axles
  • Tunnel boring equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Conveyor systems
  • Windmills

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